LADY RAGA beauty subscription – January 2016 edition

Hello my angels….
My first subscription of this year. Yehhh… I placed an order for my lady raga bag on 1st of January and BINGO I got it on 8th January. WOW cool and quick service. Lady raga is another beauty subscription and quite versatile one. It sends 2-3 beauty products every month along with a piece of jewelry and a surprise gift. So in total you get 5 products. It does comes with a cue card with all the products and their prices on it. They also send a best wishes greeting card with the subscriber’s name on it.
LADY RAGA comes in 4 options:
a.    Diamond subscription (12 months) for Rs. 6666.00
b.    Platinum subscription (6 months) for Rs. 3595.00
c.    Gold subscription (3 months) for Rs. 1849.00
d.    Silver subscription (1 month) for Rs. 666.00
Let’s see what all I got in my bag this time.
First of all the bag itself. This time they have sent a black colored leather sling bag. The quality of the leather is so amazing. It is quite soft (NO it is not rexin stuff). The design of the bag is quite unique with a belt sort of thing and some silver rings on it at the front. Mmmm, I think it’s better if I show the bag itself rather than writing anything and everything. So, here how the bag looks like.
Let’s come to the contents.
The very first thing that I got in my bag is a Lip Gloss from Loreal Paris. It’s their HIP (High Intensity Pigments) Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in shade 772 (Energized).
This is highly shining gloss with lots of glitter particles in it. It comes in a squeezy plastic tube. The color is a brownish nude color with no show off on its own. If you just want some shiny on your lips, you can use it on its own or you can also pair it up with your favorite lip color.
Oh, BTW the lip gloss retails for Rs 1049. (which is a way more than the actual cost of the bag.)
The second item in my bag is this Super Lash Black Mascara by Apple.
I don’t know about this brand (in cosmetics…LOL), but Lady Raga has hyped the product to a great extent on their Instagram page. The Mascara has Bees Wax which has many benefits for eye lashes. It claims if you use the mascara regularly it will help making your lashes naturally curled. Guys you can check their insta page for more details on bees wax as an ingredient for a mascara.
I tried using this mascara for my office, I loved the product but the only con I found in it is that it has a huge brush which can be a bit difficult to work with. At least that’s the case with me. If I try to use a humongous brush it goes all over my eye lid ruining my eye makeup. So, if you are someone like me, you need to be a bit cautious.
The Super Lash Mascara costs Rs 545.
Coming to the third and last product from beauty range. It’s a Bonjour Paris Proffessional Vernis a Ongels nail Lacquer for Rs 99.
IMG_1703 (1) 
I got a shade in number 27 (Sorry guys there is no name to the shade). The nail color seems to be brownish from outside. But if you apply it on nails, it’s quite light as compared to what it looks inside the bottle. I applied a single coat but it was not very opaque on the nails. You need to apply good 2-3 coats for the color to show off properly I think.  The brush is of good quality and it dries up pretty soon (at least the single coat).
The next two things are fashion accessories.
I got this beautiful blue flowery neck piece which retails for Rs 475. You can pair it with western wear easily. Nice choice of colors. Nothing much to say here but the fact that I loved it to the bits.
Finally, it’s time to talk about my surprise gift.
I was sooo excited to open my gift just like any other kid who loves to unbox her birthday gifts. And when I opened the packaging, I was like, Oh My Gosh, I got a pair of ear rings. They are the feather designed silver earings which you can pair with western as well as a saree. They are so pretty that I cannot get enough of virtually wearing them and staring myself in the mirror. They were nicely wrapped in cotton and then in a gift paper. Thank you LADY RAGA for an incredible surprise gift.  And Yes, they do not mention the price of the gift they send.
Overall experience: From my past experience with LADY RAGA, I was kind of skeptical of buying it again. But I gained some courage and ordered a silver subscription again (for a month). Even the bag was not introduced when I placed an order. But now, after seeing the contents, I feel like I am glad that I subscribed for this month’s Lady Raga bag. They have really geared up their game. The total cost of the bag comes out to be Rs 2164 (excluding the gift). So a pretty much value for your hard earned money.
I can now easily compare it with Fab bag (which I got on the same day and working on its unboxing post). And I cannot refrain myself from saying that I liked the lady raga bag more than my fab bag this time.  So, a HUGE THUMBS UP from my side to LADY RAGA team. Really nice work guys. I am surely renewing my subscription.
Guys, forgot to mention an important thing, that LADY RAGA has limited subscriptions every month. So, go grab it before the stock ends. You can book yours here. Also, you can follow them on their instagram page for daily updates.
Please let me know guys in the comment section below what all you got because they send different stuff to different people. At least the colors are different.
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