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It is the time to un-box the lady raga bag for the month of July. As I told you guys that I was off to some wedding at my hometown so all the unboxing got late. But never mind, we still have some days left for July.

Lady Raga is another subscription bag in India which has become a current favorite of many ladies. Just like fab bag, they also have started preparing the bags on some or the other theme every month. This time the theme is “July Summer Splash”.

I love unboxing Lady raga bag as a matter of fact that they have some very good brands to send to people and off course their surprise gift idea is really cute.

I received 6 products this time in July’s summer splash lady raga bag. Let’s see if the bag is worth the money this time or it can be skipped.

Let’s talk about the bag first. This time, it’s royal blue in color with the brand printed on the separate strip at the front of the bag. Somehow, the bag resembles the ones we get at jewelers shop. I know it sounds weird but that’s how I felt when I first looked at the bag.

download (5)

The very first product that I got in my bag is this Bath Sponge from the brand called Rosiemarry. In layman’s language it’s a normal loofah which we use regularly. Something different this time. I love the fact that lady raga keeps experimenting with the type of products they send. And this loofah thing is a nice thought as it will be used by anyone and everyone. BTW, the cost of this loofah is 145 INR.

download (8)

The second product here in is an eye liner pencil from the brand called NABI. I have never heard of this brand ever in my life. The eye liner is pearly white in color. Like not exactly white, a creamish shade. I have the similar shade eye pencil from catrice. Anyways eye products are my things. I love to receive them. Even if I would have same thing already present in my collection. It retails for 199 INR

download (6)

Third and fourth products that I got are two variants of skin soother gel from the brand called Fuschia. However, the information card says that I should have got one face and body scrub and one skin soother gel. But mine are both soothing gels. One is a Basil and Cucumber skin soother and the other one is mint flavored. I am kind of happy to receive the gels but I did not like the fact that the products mentioned on the info card are different from what I received. Atleast they should be consistent of what they write and what they send. Anyways, both of the products costs 225 INR each.

download (1)

Fifth product is as usual a jewellery piece. It’s a beautiful chain neck piece in golden. Mmm.. I donno how to explain the design of it. You guys have a look by your own. The quality of the accessory is far better than the previous one that I received, I guess in my May lady raga bag.  It retails for 350 INR.

download (2)

Finally my surprise gift. This time they have sent this gorgeous ear rings as a gift. Have a look at them guys. Aren’t they pretty!

download (7)

Overall experience: M not kind of overwhelmed with the bag neither I disliked it. Loved the mint skin soothing gel, the necklace and my surprise gift.

You can book your July Summer Splash lady raga bag here if you wish to.

Let me know in the comment section below what you got in your lady raga bag for July.

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