My Envy Box July 2016


Hi my beauties,

My last unboxing post from the month of July. So, I am here with yet another subscription box – My Envy Box. My Envy box is little costlier than fab bag and lady raga bag but it is one of the best boxes if you want to try some luxury brands which you otherwise cannot.

For July, my envy box team has clubbed with WEDMEGOOD to curate the wedding special box. They even have named it as band baaja beauty box. They have provided the wedding checklist also along with the products. How cool is that. Nice thought process indeed.

The envy box is hot pink fuchsia in color which matches perfect with wedding theme. I have all the envy boxes I have ordered till now. I make the best use out of these boxes. I use them to store mine and my darling daughter’s accessories.

july envy box

The Envy box retails for Rs 850 per month and they have 3 plans to choose from – monthly, quarterly and yearly. You can book yours here if you wish to.

Now, let’s see what treat we got from envy team this time.

  1. Kerastase Fragrant Oil

 Price and size: It retails for Rs 5600 for 120 ML. However, I got a sample size of 3 ml in box.


Now that’s called a luxury product. Seriously, had it been a choice to purchase this oil by my own, I bet I would never had bought it with my own money. As per the information card, the oil gives a nice shine and fragrance to the hair. Sometime back also, I guess we received some samples of shampoo and hair mask from kerastase in envy box and I loved them. However, this time the sample is real small. I don’t think it will be sufficient for my long hair for one use also. I will try give it to my husband to use.

  1. Kama Kumkumadi Ayurvedic face Scrub

Price and size: Rs 995 for 50 gm. I got a sample size of 5 gm.

The face scrub is made of saffron, Indian madder and lotus which smoothens fine lines, illuminate skin and promote cell growth. It is formulated with kumkumadi beauty fluid. I am pretty excited to use this scrub. I am a big time fan of Kama Ayurveda.


  1. Kama Hand Cream

Price and size: Rs 645 for 60 gm. I got a sample size of 5 gm.

Now the first thing that I notice in any cream is its fragrance. I have not smelled this cream but I hope that it smells nice otherwise I would not be able to use it at all. As, the information card says it contains almond oil and organic pressed coconut oil, I am hoping that it has a good fragrance. It claims to relieve dryness, nourishes and rejuvenates that hands and cuticles.

  1. Gulnare Glow Girl Shimmering Dry Oil

Price and size: Rs 1250 for 60 ml. This is a full sized product

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Man, this is freaking expensive as body oil. This is shimmering oil in tanned color. Perfect for those supermodel legs. It provides a sun kissed glow to the body and face. Again, this is a real luxurious product from the team. Matches perfect with wedding theme. I will keep this product for my vacations.

  1. Skin Yoga marigold Foot Soak

Price and size: Rs 695 for 100g. This is again a full sized product


Another product from Skin Yoga. As, I already mentioned in my fab bag that I got a body scrub from skin yoga. This is a brand which is in rave these days I guess. This time, it’s a foot moisturizer. You need to mix it in lukewarm water and soak your feet for 15-20 minutes and towel dry them. You will get soft and smooth feet. I loved this product too. I wish it works as it claims so that it eliminates the visit to parlor for a while atleast (for pedicure).

Overall rating: All the products in the box perfectly match the theme. My Envy box along with WedMeGood has done a great job and curated this amazing box with amazing products. Love love love. This is the best one among all the ones I ordered for July. Keep up the good work team.

I hope you like the post and I will catch you in my next.

Till then


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