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Hi beauties,

As you all know NYX has been recently launched in India and it is now available at As I am big time fan of NYX cosmetics, I was looking for one product in particular. I tried buying this product from instagram accounts but that is always out of stock. So, I was keeping an eye on the launch date. The moment NYX became available, I grabbed it. I put it in my cart BUT how is it possible that there is a Sale on nykaa and I just buy a single product from them. Come’on girl, u kidding me!! So, I went ahead and ordered few random things as well (which I am not in need right now).

Ok, the very first product which I am talking about and because of which I splurged out my money n other products as well is this Color and Corrector palette from NYX. Now I don’t need much of color correcting on my face. If I put a medium coverage foundation, I am done. But, just for the sake of trying color correcting I wanted to buy this from ages. There are 4 shades available in this palette: Light, Medium, Deep and a color correcting palette. The other 3 are probably conceal and contour palette and not necessarily a color correcting palette. This one which I chose is indeed one. So, this is how this looks.

Nyx color and correct palette

I have just used the peach color in it twice to color correct my under eye area. The fact that I am little pale I cannot use a deep orange color for correcting and I don’t think I even need that much deep correcting. It has a medium coverage. It retails for Rs 1325. It is also available on Amazon here.

Now, come the other random stuff that I ordered. Actually, we makeup junkies/shopaholics do not necessarily need SALE going on to shop. SALE is just a justification for us. So, without further delay, let me show you what all I got.

I bought this Holy Grail gel eye liner from Maybelline in Black . This is my second tube of the eye liner as I was running out of my first one. This is such a great product that it does not need any explanation as to why I bought this. It retails for Rs 499 (I bought it on little discount). Available on amazon also here.

Maybelline gel eye liner

I also ordered two products from Fabindia. I so wanted to try some products from them. And now I got a chance. I ordered their Tea Tree skin toner. Anything which says Tea Tree in them, I am a hoarder of those. I love to include Tea Tree in my skin care routine. I actually ran out of my TBS tea tree oil recently. Hence, I bought this. The price for this is Rs 240 for 100 ml.

Fabindia tea tree toner

The next thing from Fabindia is their Vitamin E night cream. Again I ran out of my TBS Vitamin E night cream and I am about to finish the sample of night cream that came in my June fab bag(I actually kind of like that night cream as well). As soon as I finish that sample, I will start using this. The night cream is for Rs 390 for 100 ml.

Fabindia vitamin E night cream

Next product was the show stopper for me in the entire shopping. This is also a product which I wanted to buy since ages as many of my favorite youtubers use it as a makeup remover. This is none other than BIODERMA Sensibio H2O micellaire solution. Now, I was so excited to use this product BUT to my surprise it failed to impress me that much that it is hyped. I was little disappointed with it. It failed to remove my Maybelline gel eye liner properly whatsoever. However, I am not going to lose on this. May be I am not using it correctly. I will surely try to use it in a different way coz I don’t wanna waste it as it is little heavier on pocket. It retails for Rs 620 for 100 ml. That’s quite expensive for a makeup remover. My Maybelline makeup remover just does the perfect job in only 250 bucks!

Bioderma sensibio H2O micelliare solution

The last two things are general ones I just ordered them like casually. One is the nail polish remover pads from a brand called PANACHE. I already have 2 bottles of Lakme remover with which I am pretty happy. I am using it since I was a kid. But I ordered these remover pads coz I have never used such for my mail polish removing. Not only remover pads, I have never used any other nail polish remover except lakme for that matter. So, wanted to try these. And they are like scented. I ordered mine in orange variant.


The last thing I ordered is this simple dual sharpener from lakme. I was not able to find my sugar one since a few days and I really need to sharpen my lip liners. Hence I thought to buy this. (The other reason to buy this sharpener was that I never used any branded sharpener. I usually buy the ones easily available on local shops. The sugar one which I just talked came in one of the fab bags. LOL)


So, here completes my Nykaa haul. I hope you like post and I will meet you in my next.

Till then


2 Responses
  • Parminder J Kaur
    October 9, 2016

    I am thinking of buying this NYX color corrector Palette, do you think its worth the money? Is quality good.

    • Priyanka Singh
      October 9, 2016

      Hey Parminder… if u don’t have much to cover.. then this is good… but if u have some real dark circles … you can try some other palette….may be from morphe or Kryolan….

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